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The Quincy Housing Authority Board made a decision in 2004 to build a new multipurpose building that could meet their current and future needs. The challenge was they needed a new facility, but had to remain in the existing building on the same site.

Therefore, the new building had to be phased to accommodate ongoing operations. Phase I incorporated the construction of the new maintenance garage. This building contains a private office, fuel storage, paint room, laundry facilities for residents, employee break room, storage and employee toilet rooms.

Phase II was next in the project, which contained the Community Center. This portion of the building is heavily used by the residents of their community. The space contains a multipurpose room, kitchen, storage, and public toilet rooms, and access to a conference room.

Once Phase I and II were complete phase III began. This phase of the work incorporated the administrative office of the housing authority. There are (9) private offices, lobby, waiting room, receptionist, (2) conference rooms, file and work rooms along with public accommodations.

The exterior fenestration of brick and split face block resembles the colors and textures of the existing housing units. The building incorporates a tan split face block base with a red brick veneer masonry wall all capped by a dark asphalt shingled roof. All rooms contain over-sized aluminum windows and several points of entry from the exterior. The employees have a new parking lot on the back of the building, with public parking in the front. The building contains decorative landscaping and sidewalks around its entire perimeter.