Dr. Abby Fox Rooney Elementary School is located at the corner of 48th and Columbus Road and is the second of five new elementary schools in Quincy, Illinois. The 70,000 square foot school at the 48th Street site follows a general master plan template that was developed through a joint venture among several local architectural firms, yet the 48th Street school has a distinct identity influenced by its local context. Exterior materials and forms echo the surrounding agricultural and industrial environment. The school will house kindergarten through fifth grade students in 4 classrooms for each grade level. The classrooms are arranged in pods with a centralized gymnasium and cafeteria in the middle of two wings. The gym will perform double duty as a tornado storm shelter. Student and staff safety is paramount in the design and the building has many considerations to keep students and staff safe including secure single point access and multi –level security zones.


Rooney Elementary School
4900 Columbus Rd
Quincy, IL  62305

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