Inspired Design.  Precise Solutions. 

With that philosophy in mind, Architechnics can offer their clients complete building design and planning services. Whether you need architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical or interior design, cost estimating or master planning, the staff at Architechnics can handle your project from start to finish. The Architechnics' team of professionals will use cutting edge technology in the development of structures and buildings that play a significant part in people's lives. BIM (or 3-D modeling) is at the forefront of this technology and allows our clients to see their buildings and systems prior to construction.


Architechnics uses its knowledge and experience to find opportunities for excellence within the context of budgets, both large and small. The architects and engineers at Architechnics know the standards for the design of different building types and facilities and continually educate themselves as standards change. Our staff will use this knowledge as the foundation for inspiring design and precise solutions. Designing structures that will fulfill the vision of the client and providing solutions that will enhance the lives of the people that occupy the structure is the goal of Architechnics as they take all projects from start to finish.