A master plan is a guide for decision making prepared by identifying capital improvement needs that accommodate the future growth of a facility. Master plans include potential operational and infrastructure needs for delivering quality services and juggle a wide array of variables that are unique and specific to each client.

The architects at Architechnics will help identify the client’s goals and establish a path to see them completed in a desired time frame. The infrastructure will be designed with a modular growth plan and will be sized for future needs so that it will easily accept future growth. We will provide for ADA compliance and the health life safety of the occupants of the building by following all building codes and standards. Strategies for environmentally friendly design can be incorporated into the master plan.

Our engineers will look at a facility infrastructure and provide a lifecycle cost analysis. Our analysis will include factors such as when a building system or a piece of equipment will need to be replaced and at what cost. The analysis will identify potential energy savings by using new equipment and how long it will take to pay for that initial investment. We will identify deferred maintenance items and the associated cost of repair and/or replacement.

A well thought-out master plan will drive a client’s building needs for decades and establishes criteria for making decisions. The professionals at Architechnics are ready to assist in identify your long range goals today and developing your specific master plan today.