Architechnics offers a full range of engineering services that provides innovative, cost effective solutions for our clients. Using the latest in technology design, Architechnics uses a flexible and tailored approach that is best suited for each individual client. By offering a full range of building related engineering services including 3-D modeling, Architechnics will ensure complete coordination of every element of your project.


Architechnics can provide a complete electrical power and lighting system design, including telephone, data, fire alarm, security and low voltage systems. Architechnics’ designers use the latest in technology concepts from specialized lighting applications and efficient power distribution to full computer and data cabling layouts. Each design is tailored to meet the client’s needs including “Smart Building” installations with fully automated lighting control to reduce building energy consumption.


Architechnics provides a complete Mechanical/HVAC System design tailored to meet the indoor environmental uses of the client. In the preliminary phases of the project, several different types of systems are considered and each system is analyzed comparing the life cycle costs of each.

The life cycle cost analysis process is one of the most important aspects of any project. By analyzing building systems such as building materials, insulation, glazing, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, an owner can truly evaluate what the cost of their building and systems will be over the life cycle of the building and systems. We will evaluate different types of building systems through an energy modeling process. This process takes into account the first cost of each of these components and systems and couples that with operational and maintenance costs based on weather modeling data, utility costs and associated maintenance that is typical with the respective systems. For example, how does geothermal mechanical (HVAC) compare to a hot water/chilled water system? Geothermal may have a higher first cost over conventional systems but over the cycle will have a less operating and maintenance cost. At the end of life cycle, an owner can see what the true cost is for the building and systems.

Architechnics provides the latest in technology design to ensure the building operate efficiently, with low maintenance requirements, and with local serviceability. With a mechanical engineering team, having decades of HVAC systems experience, systems designed by Architechnics continually exceed client expectations for indoor comfort.


In today’s buildings, plumbing systems have become complex due to new code regulations. Architechnics’ Engineers are knowledgeable in all the latest technological advancements in plumbing fixtures, domestic hot water and energy saving techniques to ensure a trouble free plumbing system.

Architechnics provides fire protection design for our buildings when required by code. From the incoming water service, specialized fire protection backflow protection devices, to the individual sprinkler heads, Architechnics has a longstanding reputation of designing the most efficient fire protections systems, ensuring the safety for the new facility and its occupants.


Architechnics has always provided structural engineering as part of its practice. Our philosophy is primarily driven by designing structural systems using sound engineering principals to achieve an end which fulfills the buildings functional requirements and is structurally safe.

By providing structural engineering services in house, we can coordinate the architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and structural systems for a successful building project.