Operations Principles

Oalkey-Lindsay Civic Center, Quincy, Illinois

Oalkey-Lindsay Civic Center,
Quincy, Illinois

Architechnics, Inc. has practiced mostly in “out state” rural and small cities in the Midwest. We excel in communicating and understanding the sensibilities of these clients. People we work for are down to earth and practical.

That sensitivity extends to an understanding of what a typical client expects from a building well after it is designed and built. Architechnics Inc. understands that the best design, or the most functional building will be criticized if the building systems are too costly to operate, if the materials can’t be easily maintained, if the replacement supplies can’t be purchased locally, or if the systems can’t be serviced locally.

Our attention to detail and systems integration leads to more efficient operations and maintenance lifecycle costs.

Art Center, Quincy, Illinois

Art Center,
Quincy, Illinois