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A new neighborhood school replaced the 100 year old A.D. Stowell Elementary School in Hannibal’s well established South Side. During the initial planning, the citizens of Hannibal lobbied to maintain their neighborhood school contrary to common trends to consolidate. As a result, this new school was built across the street from its current location where residential demolition and street re-alignment needed to occur.

This school features student learning in eighteen self-contained classrooms for Kindergarten through fifth grade, designated Art and Music rooms and seminar rooms for Special Needs children. Flexible and versatile large group activities are held in the Library, Gymnasium and “The Commons” which couples as the Auditorium and Cafeteria.

Day lighting, indirect lighting and individual temperature control, not only enhance the learning environment for students, but save energy. Built in measures for student safety and security include video surveillance and a secured building entrance.