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The Hannibal School District #60 continues with its policy to retain neighborhood schools by locating the New Mark Twain Elementary School adjacent to the original 1912 Mark Twain Elementary School, which had outlived its usefulness. The project required providing for “no un-housed students”. The new building was built on adjacent property owned by the district which allowed for a seamless transition from the old building to the new. Once the new building was completed, the existing building was raised and the new playground and parking areas were built.

This facility will house kindergarten through fifth grade for a total of 350 children. They are divided into primary and intermediate wings with common-use library, gym, and “The Commons” used for cafeteria and assembly.

Day lighting, indirect lighting and individual temperature control, not only enhance the learning environment for students, but save energy. Built in measures for student safety and security include video surveillance and a secured building entrance.