Adams Co. Juvenile Detention Center

Adams County Juvenile Detention Center, Quincy, IL

The design of the Adams County Juvenile Detention Center, a 30 bed full security facility was based on the study of team member and juvenile security consultant Michael J. McMillen, AIA. The Center has 3 day rooms of 10 beds each with constant visual surveillance from a central control room. Safety of staff and residents is maintained in this facility where education, dining, indoor & outdoor play, and multi-purpose rooms are fully monitored and access is controlled from the same central control room.

Project Information:

Final Cost: $4,200,000


  • Day Rooms: (3)@(10) Each.
  • Control/Surveillance Room
  • Intake / Sally Port
  • Indoor/Outdoor Play
  • Central Multi-purpose/Dining
  • Education Wing
  • Interview/ Family rooms
  • Administrative Offices
  • 32 total Beds available

Occupied: 2001

Square footage: 21,000 S.F.

Client Contact:
Mr. Richard Baum, Chairman
Adams County Board
Building Committee

  1. Day Rooms
  2. Rec./Study
  3. Control
  4. Intake
  5. Sally Port
  6. Dining
  7. Kitchen
  8. Outdr. play
  9. Education
  10. Indoor play
  11. Family Rm.
  12. Admin.
  13. lobby


    Project Team:

    Martin Meyer, AIA:
    M.J. McMillen, AIA
    Todd Moore, P.E.
    Richard Walz.
    Control Systems
    Joel Peck:
    Robert Neu, AIA