Quincy Schools

School Architect: Quincy Public School District No. 172 Quincy, IL.

Architechnics, Inc. has a contract to provide architectural and engineering services for several Quincy Public School District #172 properties. We are also the district wide HVAC and Electrical Engineer, meaning that we have done countless air conditioning and boiler replacement projects for all district buildings. We have also been the architect for major renovations projects such as the former State Street Store and Quincy Physicians and Surgeons Clinic building. Each was renovated for the districts Early Childhood and Family Centers.

Project Information:

Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood and Family Center
Washington School
Dewey School
Irving School
Quincy Junior High School
Madison School
Board of Education Office

Building Renovations
Life Safety
H.V.A.C. Renovation
Electrical Renovation

Project Team:

 Anthony Crane, AIA
 Darin Prost, AIA  Architect
 Todd Moore, PE.  Mechanical
 Joel Peck  Electrical
 Dale Wuestenfeld  Structural
 Richard Walz  Lighting/Electrical