Heartland Christian Academy

CNS Ministries, Heartland Christian Academy, K-12 School. Shelby Co, MO

Heartland Christian Academy lies amid the corn fields in a hard to get to part of Shelby County. This school houses some of the troubled youth that live, work and study in this Christian based community. This plan was designed to be modular, and easy to add to , which in fact they have. The green clad story telling room is Pastor Charlie’s favorite place to interact with the children at the academy. The building was designed to evoke the simple well grounded values of the people that have grown up in the region.

Project Information:

Cost: unknown
Units: Six (6) Classrooms
Occupancy: 1996
Square footage: 25,620 S.F.
Client Contact: Mr. Charles N. Sharpe

Project Team:

Martin Meyer, AIA:
 Todd Moore, PE. Mechanical
 Joel Peck: Electrical
 Dale Wuestenfeld Structural