BIM 3D Design

Architechnics utilizes the latest 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to create a working digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of your building.  Much more than a tool to create pretty pictures, BIM is a true paradigm shift in the design process.   Since Architechnics has Architectural, Structural, and MEP designers all in-house and "building" on one digital model, coordination of the building systems is more intuitive and streamlined.  In the model, each designer can see what the others are doing in real time and in three dimensions, solving problems and avoiding conflicts.   Additionally, since each component of the model has specific attributes, the real world performance of all the building systems, including mechanical and electrical, can be evaluated and adjusted accordingly.   The resultant of BIM is more efficient construction documents which minimize costly changes during and after construction, ultimately resulting in better buildings.