Why Choose Architechnics, Inc.

A.G. Edwards Brokerage. Quincy, Illinois

A.G. Edwards Brokerage.
Quincy, Illinois

Bank of Quincy, Quincy, Illinois

Bank of Quincy,
Quincy, Illinois

McDougal Residence, Quincy, IL

McDougal Residence,
Quincy, IL

Architechnics, Inc. expects this to be a successful project.

An objective of Architechnics Inc. is to take opportunities for excellence and provide an attractive building that will function for the client’s intent and purpose, while meeting deadlines, budgets, and expectations. Our success at achieving this is best explained in the fact that we have many on-going clients. Up to 85% of our annual workload is from repeat clients.

Along the way to the successful end, the means will include communication of ideas, wants, needs and expectations. It also includes site, building, and property data being shared.

The key to our process is communication; listen, understand, then respond. It is imperative to insure communication, and follow-through. Future projects will be no exception.

We will work very hard on your behalf to insure this project is successful.