Project Schedule

St. John Anglican Church

St. John Anglican Church,
Quincy Illinois

Gardendale Residential Community Quincy, IL

Residential Community
Quincy, IL

Architechnics, Inc. can get the work done. We complete 35-40 million dollars worth of construction on an annual basis. Our staff is large enough and diverse enough for us to develop several multi million dollar projects in the office at one time. If need be, we can shift staff from one project to another, working to develop a realistic schedule that will to meet a clients needs.

Architechnics, Inc is poised to help any institution achieve their goal whether it is completing construction and occupying these facilities in quickly or being deliberate in your planning and waiting for an appropriate time in the future.

Staples Commercial—Retail Freiberg, & Assoc. Quincy, IL

“Staples” Commercial—Retail
Freiberg, & Assoc.
Quincy, IL